My plan to address the current overdevelopment in the town of Wappinger will prioritize the preservation of property values and responsible development practices. To achieve this, I will encourage close partnership with the town's Planning and Zoning Board to review existing zoning regulations and ensure that new developments are consistent with the town's character and existing infrastructure while preserving it's historic landmarks.

The issue of overdevelopment in our small town has become increasingly apparent by the controversial approval of the new gas station in Hughsonville. This decision was met with significant pushback from local residents and community members who felt that the development was not appropriate for the area and could negatively impact the community's overall character and property values.


To approach any fiscal issues, I will collaborate with the Council and Town Supervisor to review and improve spending practices, promote transparency, and encourage community involvement. I will lead a comprehensive review of the town's financial budget to identify areas where we can reduce expenditure without affecting essential services. Additionally, I will advocate for prioritizing transparency by implementing new methods to keep residents informed about our financial status, spending priorities, and other relevant issues. Furthermore, I will engage with our community members to identify key priorities, programs, and capital projects that will serve the community's needs. My aim is to promote accountability and prudence in fiscal management while delivering community-enhancing programs and projects.


I am dedicated to fostering inclusivity, fairness, and equal treatment for all members of our community. I believe that by celebrating the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives, we create a stronger, more vibrant Wappinger. I believe in the importance of open dialogue, equitable representation, and accessibility in local government, as well as promoting economic opportunity and educational equity for all residents. I pledge to work tirelessly to create a more inclusive, equitable, and just Wappinger, where everyone is treated with fairness and respect, and our shared values guide our collective success.


Historic preservation is essential for our small town's identity and sense of community. Wappinger's history reflects the residents' shared experiences, collective memories, and cultural heritage. I will prioritize preserving the architectural, cultural, and social treasures that define our town's unique character and charm. I will support any comprehensive plan that includes identifying and documenting historical sites, raising public awareness and education, offering financial incentives for restoration, collaborating with local organizations, and promoting adaptive reuse of historic buildings. Such strategy will help maintain our town's unique character and heritage while benefiting the community economically and culturally.


My approach to addressing the affordable housing issue in our small town without overdeveloping and affecting its historic character and property values is to encourage the development of mixed-income housing. This type of housing can be designed to blend seamlessly into the existing built environment, utilizing the town's existing infrastructure and preserving its historic landmarks. Additionally, zoning regulations can be amended to allow for the creation of affordable housing units within existing buildings or through the conversion of underutilized spaces. These measures can help address the affordable housing issue while preserving the town's character and property values. This approach will require close collaboration with the town's Planning and Zoning Board, as well as our community members, to ensure that the development is appropriate and well-received.


I recognize that gentrification is a serious issue that has affected many communities across New York State, including my own. Gentrification often leads to the displacement of people of color, long-term and elder residents, and working-class people from their homes and communities, which can have devastating consequences for these individuals and their families.
I plan to work with community members and organizations to create community-driven economic development plans that prioritize the needs and interests of the existing community, rather than outside developers or corporations.
I recognize the importance of preserving the cultural and historical identity of our small town. To that end, I will work to support and preserve cultural institutions and landmarks that are important to the history and identity of our community. I also plan to work to ensure that new development in our community is designed in a way that reflects the character and values of our community, and that it benefits the people who already live here.


I support short-term rental regulations to prevent housing stock from being bought up by investors and used exclusively as vacation rentals. The affordable housing crisis in our community has been exacerbated by the growth of short-term rental platforms like Airbnb, which can drive up housing costs and make it difficult for working families to find affordable homes.
I would propose the enactment of regulations that balance the needs of residents and visitors, while also ensuring that housing is available for those who need it most.
By implementing regulations to limit the impact of short-term rentals we can create a more stable and sustainable housing market for all town residents and members of our community.

  • The Town of Wappinger is governed by a Town Board consisting of the Supervisor and four Council members representing each Ward.

    The Council Members are elected to represent their ward for a two-year term and serve in a part-time capacity.

  • Together with the Supervisor as a presiding officer, the Town Council has responsibility to:

    • enacts ordinances and local laws
    • adopts resolutions
    • approves the annual budget and tax levy
    • manages personnel matters
    • oversees town-wide planning and zoning
    • establishes recreation areas
    • participates in town meetings
  • The town board meets bi-weekly on the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 7:00 PM at Wappinger Town Hall. The public is encouraged to attend and to read the town board minutes.

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2023 Town of Wappinger Budget

I strongly encourage you to review the 2023 town budget and gain insight into how our tax dollars will be allocated. By doing so, we can make informed decisions about our community's future and ensure our town's financial decisions align with our needs. I urge you to participate in the budget review process and provide feedback on town spending. Let's work together to ensure our voices are heard and our community's values are reflected in the budget.


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