For many years I have enjoyed the Delaware beaches before I decided to explore the New York lifestyle. As soon as I discovered Hudson Valley five years ago I fell in love in everything is has to offer. From the local farmers markets,  wineries and breathtaking views, to the great people I have met and friendships I have developed.

What I have learned from over a decade of experience working with my clients is that teamwork is the most effective approach in any business experience and a strong and effective team yields the most beneficial results for all parties.

Together we will be the team that will sell your house fast, we will find your new home sooner, and our closings will be short and efficient.

So follow me and let Hudson Valley unfold its beauty. Indulge your senses in the mesmerizing scenery, culinary adventures, and warmhearted communities. My passion is to share this incredible piece of heaven and help you call it your home.

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