1. To immediately make a room look lighter, try painting it with a bright, white paint. A simple white can make the room look brighter and bigger.  Don’t stop at the walls − painting dark beams or trim can also help to brighten the room.
  2. Another easy trick is to limit your window treatments. Dark or heavy curtains can lessen the amount of light that is filtering in which can darken the room. Opt for light-colored, wooden blinds or sheer curtains.
  3. A mirror is an easy accessory that can help emit and reflect light to make the room look lighter. Mirrors also provide the illusion that the room is bigger, a great bonus!
  4. Try swapping out your light bulbs for brighter, whiter bulbs. Look for energy saving Halogen light bulbs − which produce a nice, bright white instead of a muted yellow that is emitted from your standard bulbs.
  5. Finally, the easiest way to lighten your small space is by de-cluttering.  By clearing some space and removing large, unneeded items in room, you can instantly transform your small space to appear clean and bright.

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