With summer in full swing, garage and yard sales are popping up all over the neighborhood. While your typical yard sale might involve a family clearing out unwanted goods in exchange for cold, harsh cash, why not host one to get rid of your unwanted belongings and give to those in need?

If you’re planning a yard or garage sale to de-clutter your home, or looking for creative ways to raise money for a good cause, check out our tips for having a hassle-free yard sale!

Spread the Word

  • Market your sale in your local community at places like day care centers, churches, grocery stores and neighborhood businesses.
  • Share the info on social media by creating an event on Facebook or simply using the #YardSale hashtag on Twitter to get the attention of followers in your community. (Do not post your address on social media, instead, try something like, “We’re having a #YardSale today in Beacon, NY from 2-6PM! Message me for details!”)
  • If you’re having a yard sale for charity, be sure to let everyone know! Who doesn’t love giving to a good cause



Label and Take Inventory

  • Tag and label every item the night before in order to reduce the amount of work you have to do the day of the sale. This is a good time to create a pricing list, in case tags or labels fall off of items.
  • Price accordingly; yard sales shoppers are there to find thrifty goods, so expect anywhere from 45 to 75% depreciation for most of your items.
  • The morning of the sale, use your pricing list to take inventory of each item on display, and after the sale has ended, take into account how many items you have left, and their price, to see how you came out.


Manage Your Merchandise (and Your Funds)

  • Make sure to have small bills for change and keep the cashbox locked and in your eyesight at all times. If you don’t have a cashbox, a coin purse or fanny pack will work as well.
  • Organize items by category and showcase popular items such as: baby strollers, sporting equipment, or brand name clothing items as these will likely go fast.
  • Refer to your pricing sheet for any customer questions, and be prepared to haggle or negotiate on certain items in order to get rid of them quickly.

Donate What You Can

  • After the sale, sort out leftover items and re-inspect to see if they’re in proper condition for donation.
  • Share a proceeds of your earnings with your favorite local charity, or non-profit organization. If you’re looking for a worthy cause to support, Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate has partnered with Rebuilding Together to build better communities for families in need.

Being philanthropic doesn’t always have to mean writing a huge check. By doing what you can to improve the lives of the underserved, you are giving back!